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What is the Women's Running Summit all about? 

There are a number of young and older women that are exploring the sport of distance running. The Women's Running Summit is a collaborative event aimed to bring together all different types of runners to have open discussions about their experiences with running and how to progress forward in a healthy manner.

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What is the story behind the Women's Running Summit? 

In 2018 Athletics New Brunswick and Run NB collaborated  with some of New Brunswick's most accomplished runners to present the first Women's Running Summit. This one day event has grown each year to include more athletes,  different topics and has explored many more aspects of women's distance running.

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What is the goal of the Women's Running Summit? 

The goal of the Women’s Running Summit is to help each participant on their running journey by creating an event to gather female runners. This event will inspire, educate individuals about the sport and create lasting running relationships.

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