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November 13th and 14th 2020

The 2020 edition of the Women's Running Summit will be held virtually.
We invite all athletes across Canada to take part in this two day interactive event.

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November 13th
7 PM (ADT)

Opening Event

A historical review of Canadian Women's Running with Diane & Doug Clement 

Grab the popcorn and sit down with your family as we première a documentary featuring one of Moncton New Brunswick's own to talk about being one of the first women to represent Canada at the Olympic games. 

November 14th
8 AM (ADT)

Ciele Morning Activation 

As you finish the last sips of your morning coffee lets slowly get the weekend started through a calm morning activation routine lead by Ciele Athletes: Kim Hyacinthe and Kat Drew. Get your body ready to head into the weekend feeling refreshed.

November 14th 
9AM  (ADT)

Run Time

On your own or at one of the community meeting points. Before we get started head out onto the trails or the roads for a morning run. Take a picture and write a quick description for your chance to win prizes.

November 14th
11 AM (ADT)

Goal Setting Workshop

This is your opportunity to get connected with some of Canada's most accomplished runners. Malindi Elmore and Hilary Stellingwerff will lead you through an interactive session with a  series of thought provoking questions to better understand how to set your personal goals and discuss them with your coaches, teammates and mentors.

November 14th
12:30 PM (ADT)

Lunch Break 

We will set you up with some fuelling recipes provided by some of the top Canadian athletes, take this time to make something good for yourself and relax before heading into the next session.

November 14th
2 PM (ADT)

Becoming a Community leader 

Are you looking to become involved in the sport? You love running and want to share that passion with others? This discussion will be lead by some athletes and coaches who have learned best practices in community involvement. Listen and ask your questions to a panel including one of Canada's best hurdle specialists and supporter of all things community involvement, Angela Whyte alongside creator of Women Run Canada podcast, Kirsten Parker and our very own team member and local coach, Andrée Savoie.

November 14th
4 PM (ADT)

Wine and Cheese 

Settle down and enjoy some wine and cheese as we discuss all topics Women's running. We will distribute some prizes for the winners and improvements of the day.

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