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Women's Running Summit

Presented in collaboration with Athletics New Brunswick and Run NB

November 13th and 14th 2020

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The Women's Running Summit is a gathering for all types of runners and athletes looking to expand their understanding of the sport, make valuable connections and become leaders in their communities. Join us for the two day event, learn from professionals and connect with runners like yourself.

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"I just want women to continue to love the sport, sometimes it just means encouraging women to find what they need to support their running so they can have a balanced body."

Patty Blanchard

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"It's such an inspiration for us women to know that we have such strong models in Atlantic [Canada] and that they take the time to speak to the women community and to reach out to young women or girls,"

Amélie Rondeau

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"I participated just to share our love for the sport. It's rare that you get to see so many women who love the sport as much as you do"

Amélie Cormier

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Thank you to all those that are helping to build this event.

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Thank you for your support!

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Do you want to support this event?

We are always looking to establish rewarding relationships and collaborative partnerships. We want to hear from you to discuss how we can run together.

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